Montag, 30. November 2020

Non - Lethal Weapons

Translate from Hebrew by Google: "Six years ago I was lying on the couch one night, and without any prior notice, all of a sudden, I felt like I was suffocating. I was sure I was in the middle of a heart attack, stroke, or both. The next day the event repeated itself, and so did the following days. I went to the emergency room, found nothing special, beyond a high pulse and excessive blood pressure. The ECG it was fine"

... I have since made a ticket at Terem clinics and have been officially declared a sufferer of anxiety disorder. In response I began to write about the anxieties, the relief and laughter that followed the attack, and these trivial moments of waiting in between. I do not wish for anyone"

Vielleicht hilft ja auch ein Blick auf das U.S. Departement of Defense Non- Lethal Weapons Program?

"Pentagon Developing Electric Stun Grenade to Disable Everyone in a Room - Mr. David Law, Chief of the Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office Technology Division spoke with David Hambling of Forbes magazine about this capability in development. Read the full article HERE."

"Ich sage es ja. Nato - Kaserne und Seminar ist nichts gegen den Kindergarten hier".