Freitag, 30. März 2018

Inmitten all' dieser technischen Störungen kommt soeben doch tatsächlich folgender Veranstaltungstipp herein. Handelt es sich bei dem Bild im Header vielleicht um Wunschdenken mancher momentan Anwesender hier auf dem Rechner? Siehe der untere Beitrag und die technischen Störungen.

Kleiner Hinweis auch zum kommenden Markt inmitten des Schokoladen-Museums unten am Rheinufer. Daneben steht coelln concept

Ein wenig Information tut not. Siehe zum Beispiel dieser Artikel mit einem kurzen strategischen Überblick.

ISS Africa -Institute for Strategic Studies

"The United States in particular, but also France, have had a lot of flak for their military presence in Africa. However a surprising number of other foreign powers have quietly been putting boots on African soil over the past couple of decades, though attracting little attention.
Does the African Union (AU) endorse all this activity? Is it monitoring it? Is it concerned about it? And if not, should ordinary Africans be worried and demand action from the continental body?
Alex Vines, head of the Africa programme at Chatham House, discerns a ‘growing diversification of security partners’ on the continent. ‘In 2000, security in Africa meant mostly France, a bit of the US and some niche deployments such as Morocco (as presidential guard) and the United Nations (UN),’ Vines told ISS Today.

Does the proliferation of foreign military bases indicate a failure in home-grown security efforts?

‘We now have Djibouti hosting many military bases. China in 2017 joins other recent arrivals in Djibouti with military facilities. Japan too has its only foreign military base there as do the Italians. Troops from Germany and Spain are hosted by the French, but the Russians failed to negotiate a partnership with the Chinese to share their facilities. India is also considering opening its own base in Djibouti, as is Saudi Arabia.’
But it isn’t only Djibouti that’s accepting new foreign military bases, he says. ‘In February 2017, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) secured agreement for a foreign military base in Somaliland, following its opening of a military facility in Eritrea in 2015. Turkey opened a military training base in Somalia in 2017.’ And now Russia is believed to be negotiating with Sudan to host the base it couldn’t establish in Djibouti. India has facilities in Mauritius and Madagascar ‘and would like to deepen its Seychelles presence’, says Vines. This ‘diversification of security partners will continue in 2018’, he says."