Mittwoch, 11. November 2015

Via Steven Hassan : FBI is now using the BITE model for handling Human Trafficking!

"A 17-year-old girl was lured by someone she thought was an older boyfriend. She ran away from home to be with him, becoming isolated and estranged from her middle-class parents. With meager funds and no education or work experience, the girl was told to use her body. Almost immediately, she began dancing at a strip club and having sex for money. Her body was sold on the Internet and in classified ads, at strip clubs and private parties, and on the streets, sometimes as often as 20 times per day. Years of emotional, physical, sexual, and psychological abuse and manipulation replaced her dreams of going to college and becoming a nurse. Over time, she even forgot her name; instead, she bore tattoos of her pimp’s name so she would know that she forever was his property. Control over her emotions, behavior, thoughts, and life disappeared as she was trafficked from one hotel to the next, between cities, and across different states.

As this scenario illustrates, prostitutes often are victims of sex trafficking. Smuggling individuals for sex and forced labor is a worldwide criminal enterprise with an estimated annual revenue of $32 billion—surpassed only by the illegal drug trade.[1]"

The Human Trafficking BITE Model