Mittwoch, 26. März 2014

1). Steve Hassan at Harvard: WACO: What went wrong? What Officials could have done better! (1997)

"David Koresh claimed to be "Jesus" and led his small cult of so-called Branch Davidians into an unnecessary tragedy. During the standoff, I watched in horror as I saw one mishandling and after another. I even went to my congressman at the time, Joe Kennedy, and asked him to please ask the FBI to consult with me, but they were too busy "handling it." After many days went by, I started going to the media to talk about how I believed many of the tactics the FBI were using were counterproductive.
I had information from individuals who had loved ones inside the compound and was more than horrified that they decided to assault the compound with gas. I knew it would go up in flames.

After the tragedy, Attorney General Reno, said publicly that they would research into what happened, so they could learn from their mistakes. After waiting years, I decided to do this talk and just say publicly what I felt was appropriate. Regrettably, there is more information that is confidential which will never be told."

2.) "The Peoples Temple, the organization at the center of the Jonestown incident, was headquartered in San Francisco, California, from the early to mid-1970s until the Temple's move to Guyana.

While the Temple originated in Indiana in the 1950s, after leader Jim Jones predicted an apocalypse that would create a socialist Eden on earth, it moved to Redwood Valley, California in the late 1960s. Its headquarters later moved into San Francisco, where Jones remained until July 1977, when Jones fled with almost 1,000 Temple members to Jonestown, Guyana following investigations by local media."