Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Article 152 in the revised Sudanese criminal code of 1991 defined only in a very vague manner what is considered to be offensive and immoral as a disruption to the public order. In the case of women wearing indecent or offensive clothing, it’s not defined who will decide what warrants a woman’s arrest. The police officer? The judge? Ordinary men on the street? No other aspect of the Public Order Regime has altered the daily lives of Sudanese women like Article 152 of the Criminal Act of 1991 that says:

“(1) Whoever commits, in a public place, an act, or conducts himself in an indecent manner, or a manner contrary to public morality, or wears an indecent, or immoral dress, which causes annoyance to public feelings, shall be punished, with whipping, not exceeding forty lashes, or with fine, or with both; (2) The act shall be deemed contrary to public morality, if it is so considered in the religion of the doer, or the custom of the country where the act occurs.”