Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

10 Jul 2012: "Where is the hottest new place for tourists to get a taste of Jerusalem? Hint: It’s not a museum, a shrine or an archeological dig. It’s Machane Yehuda (“Camp of Judah”), the largest and busiest outdoor market in Israel.
Opened in 1928, Machane Yehuda encompasses a maze of downtown lanes bearing names such as Apple, Peach, Plum, Berry and Almond -- just a few of the many foodstuffs you can buy there.
The shuk (rhymes with “cook”), as it’s better known, has always been a favorite of visitors for its colorful, pungent, open-air atmosphere where Jews and Arabs bargain-hunt side by side amid the cries of merchants hawking everything from haloumi cheese and herring to chicken hearts and halva."

"Located in the center of the city, providing a bridge between the uptown feel of Rechavia, to the authentic Machane Yehuda market, is Nachlaot. The old neighborhood provides a unique glimpse to the first days of western Jerusalem ... Once occupied mostly by a population of elderly religious people, today, Nachlaot has transformed into an artistic neighborhood attracting students studying in various art schools in Jerusalem. Having said this, Nachlaot, like many of the other neighborhoods in Jerusalem, has become a magnet to many American Jews who are buying property in it for personal use or as an investment. Those who will take a stroll down the streets of Nachlaot, will witness this odd blend of hippies and Yiddish speaking ultra orthodox Jews, all coming back from the market with groceries on Fridays at noon."