Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

"Tabiti was the Scythian Goddess who ruled the realm of animals and fire. The early Eastern Europeans swore their allegiance to her as part of the earth that witnesses everything. She was part of Eastern European culture before the Scythian nomads arrived, at first represented by a Goddess bearing a child and later, adopted by the
Scythians, as half serpent with a raven on one side and a canine on the other. Background figure is a Paleolithic Goddess from Dolní Vestonice, Czech Republic, c. 20,000 BCE; on the right is a Neolithic Goddess "Ladybird", late Vinca, c. 3500 BCE, near Belgrade, Yugoslavia; on the left is a Goddess with a siren, canines and lions, 5th century BCE, Kherson mound, Ukraine; gold headdress after one found at Chertomlyk, 4th century BCE; bottom layer after a diadem from Kelermes, 6th century BCE; earring from Olbia, 5th century BCE; torque from Chertomlyk, 4th century BCE."

- Sandra Stanton
via Myth*ing Links