Samstag, 19. März 2011


"ist das so schwer zu verstehen dass sich nicht so ganz gefestigte personen ganz grossartig fühlen, wenn sie teil eines mobs sind und in conspirativen zirkeln aktionen aushecken und die macht der masse spüren - und dann glauben sie haben die macht? die macht über einen haufen jugendlicher unbedarfter ... "

"can you guys put together a private pad containing a list of whitehat targets, lawyers, reporters, any media that requires counter-intelligence attack"

"also we had a time restraint
04:48 <&Sabu> and as far as I know, considering I'm the one that did the op, I rooted their boxes, cracked their hashes, owned their emails and social engineered their admins in hours"

7:46 <&Sabu> will be a nice fucking hit
17:46 <&marduk> hm see potential vulns [vulnerabilities]?
17:48 <&Sabu> yeah
17:48 <&Sabu> I see some potential openings
17:48 <&marduk> :]
17:49 <&Sabu> we could rape these niggers

‎02:39 <&Sabu> "Greatest social hack of all time: - Anonymous vs."
02:39 <&Sabu> rofl
02:39 <&Sabu> people are really enjoying the socialing of jussi
02:39 <&Sabu> man I was talking to my little brother who witnessed the whole shit
The list of leaked accounts are now published at If you have previously registered at, please ensure that you change your password immediately if it is used elsewhere.

So, kleiner Junge, möchtest du dich jetzt noch mal im Chat mit einem prägnanten Teil eines Passwortes produzieren, bevor dich die Geier holen? Guten Flug! Hättest besser doch was in der Schule gelernt. *gg*