Montag, 28. Februar 2011


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"Nazis, CIA und der islamische Fundamentalismus"
Reinhard Jellen 28.02.2011
Interview mit Ian Johnson über westliche Geheimdienste, die Muslimbruderschaft und eine Moschee am Rande Münchens

"From Wikileaks more vital evidence of a US government running amok with malpractice. This time the revelation is that US Embassy in Paris is community-organizing the French umma. The cable, signed by US Ambassador Rivkin, is breathtaking in relating its invasive and patronizing plan -- a Minority Engagement Strategy for France, which, last time I checked, was still a functioning Western democratic republic."

"We believe that if France, over the long run, does not successfully increase
opportunity and provide genuine political representation for its minority populations, France could become a weaker, more divided country, perhaps more crisis-prone and inward-looking, and consequently a less capable ally."

"Nicht nur gegen die Sowjetunion" -
Im Krieg gegen Jugoslawien haben die USA so wie Adolf Hitler ebenfalls auf den islamistischen Terrorismus gesetzt. Diese Terrorpolitik bezeichnete der ehemalige US-Außenminister Lawrence Eagleburger als "the height of insanity. We are inviting
Bosnian-Islamic connections with a terrorist state that wishes us as
much damage as they can possibly inflict upon us." (Seite 9)