Samstag, 8. November 2008

Göttin des Tages:

Erika Lust - lustfilms

Working in the adult industry, I’m getting less and less innocent about how things actually are. Last year I received the award of “Best Erotic Movie For Women” for my movie Five Hot Stories For Her in the Erotic E-line Awards, and I was really happy, feeling that even the mainstream adult industry liked my movie.

This year we got the award “Best Erotic Documentary” for my second film Barcelona Sex Project, however this time I don’t feel very enthusiastic since I now understand how it all works. You pay and you get the award you want, they even create special categories for films and people who don’t fit into the never ending list of awards they prepare. And the price, well depends if you are a big company you will have to buy a whole table (10 pax) at the award ceremony dinner for the price of 1700 €, and of course some advertising in their Magazine. And if you’re a small company you can get away with the amount of 400 € for your award, the price of two pax for the award ceremony.

The award ceremony is the worst show ever, horrible gas station food and tacky entertainment, mixed with people who look like they came right out of a porn mag from the 90’s. But the funniest thing is the list of awards, it goes on forever and ever and they go to everyone, most categories don’t even have nominations, just “winners”. Best cumshot scene in Germany, best gangbang in the USA, best girl-girl with pink dildos, best new pair of breasts….