Montag, 27. Oktober 2008

black and white

" 28 years there had never been a punch-up at the Mount Franklin Beltane gathering of witches - an event that has drawn up to 700 spell-casting Victorians ... last year, a small group known as "the trolls" caused an upset by hanging headless dolls from trees and otherwise carrying on in a dark-hearted fashion. 'There was a nasty element we'd never seen before, and it ended in a violent altercation, and has essentially ruined what was once a beautiful event,' a high-profile witch, speaking anonymously, told The Sunday Age. 'I mean, you're meant to embrace the darkness in witchcraft, but you're also meant to keep it in balance with the light. These guys were all about the darkness. It's not like there were a lot of them but they've done a lot of damage.'"

"I grew up with witchcraft in the '70s, when witchcraft and Satanism were one and the same. This was a time when the black arts were truly forbidden. Now it's all about white light," he said forlornly. "The practitioners of today almost go out of their way to remove the mystery and darker aspects of their craft."