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Phyllis Curott

Interview September 2001,
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TMA: It's unfortunate but understandable that the larger culture sees Wicca, witchcraft and Satanism as the same thing. You and I know that they're very different.

PC: They're totally different. There was absolutely no Satanism in the Old Religion of the Goddess at all. Or in any of neo-Paganism. That decision five hundred years ago -- when the church completed its very effective persecution of the Jewish community by accusing them of worshiping Satan and extended the success of the Inquisition to the remaining Shamanic religions of Europe and to the persecution of women -- that's where that distorted idea [came from], that witchcraft involved the worship of Satan. It is a complete fabrication. It's what I call The Big Lie. Unfortunately, the victor gets to rewrite history, to frame the social perspective, so most people for the last five hundred years have grown up with that perspective. But there's a real shift going on, and I think it's because there are people like myself and others who are writing books and doing a lot of media and taking legal cases who are out there saying, ...No, sorry, we absolutely refuse to allow you to stereotype us any longer. It's as offensive to us as it was to the Jewish community to have been characterized in a similar manner as little as fifty years ago. We're standing up and we're saying it's not acceptable.

I've been fighting this battle in the media now for many years ... I went really public in '88, then tremendously public with Book of Shadows. I did a massive campaign and will be doing another one when Witch Crafting comes out [in September] to remedy that stereotype in the media and in public perception. That's a big battle, and it's going to take a long time, but we've made so much more progress so much more quickly than I ever expected twenty years ago.

TMA: Satanism isn't even a religion. It doesn't have its own symbols. Any Satanists I've beeen aware of have been like children playing with matches.

PC: I have a dear friend who is a psychiatrist who specializes in this area of concern. Studies that he was required to learn to get his degree showed that most practitioners who call themselves Satanists are adolescent boys from broken homes where there's drug abuse, addiction, alcoholism, and frequently other abuse going on, and very often, a sort of fundamentalist religious context. It's a severe and inappropriate reaction to the world in which they're living. It has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca, nothing to do with the Tarot.

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