Sonntag, 30. März 2008


"He found it funny that, when the numbers are crunched, Obama gets more caucus votes than there are registered Democrats in the state.

He found it funny that it was reported that similar or identical names were provided on registration rolls in eight Obama-won states, over, and over, and over again, and always in separate precincts.

He found it interesting that Obama got his usual "surge" of roughly 800 voters in each caucus he has won.


Don't get me wrong here, I know how this probably sounds: I'm always the one to call conspiracy theorists for what they are: nut jobs. I'm the practical one. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought that this could occur today.
Pennsylvania has very strict voting registration laws, and for this very reason, which is why Obama has generally ignored the state, so he can chalk this up to "oh, the Hillary victory was expected." But in states with very lax voting laws -- the very states he's won so far -- he's succeeded in wide margins where Clinton led only hours before. Folks, the math just doesn't add up."