Montag, 4. Februar 2008

In meinem Postfach

landete heute nacht dieser Post von Erika Lust. Leider finde ich ihn nicht in ihrem Blog.

Update: Er ist da! Nur etwas anders als hier abgedruckt.

Two Berlin Jewels
Posted: 03 Feb 2008 04:40 AM CST

This german guys are amazing! They’ve designed one of the coolest and most kinky beds I’ve ever seen. It costs around 2000 € (including Smith & Wesson handcuffs). You can read more about the Jailhouse Fuck Bed here.

[dos santos] is a beautiful atelier in Berlin (Mehringdamm 119, Berlin) of remarkable high-quality leather fetish designs by designer Petra dos santos. Her work ranges from accessories (e.g. leather ties, blindfolds, whips and paddles and every kind of bondage!) to leather lingerie, classic skirts, shirts, trousers with chaps, as well as corsets and specially tailored designs. Petra says: “A leather outfit is a very special mantle: skin on skin. Individuality is therefore very important. You will receive specialist advice when selecting the material and choosing the design, in order that your fantasy can become reality. Because the object of your desire should fit and suit you perfectly, in order to inspire you for a long time to come!“

Here is the online shop.